Best Beginners Guide for Tennis Betting Singapore

Tennis Betting

These days, most people go towards sports betting, which is why there are several sites out there in the market. When we talk about the best sportsbooks in Singapore, all of these online casino Singapore focus on the present sports betting options. 

These sites also offer unique features, welcome bonuses, payment methods, and a lot more. Out of many sports, tennis betting has also become extremely popular because of the achievements of the top players.

Players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal have successfully brought a new audience to this sport. The majority of sites betting on tennis concentrate on the singles game rather than doubles. 

Because of a number of ways of betting, betting on tennis has become popular. Other than that, the top bookmakers ensure they promote the best in the market and meet the betting requirements.

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What is Tennis Betting?

Nothing can be more exciting than watching a sporting event and throwing a few dollars into a sport. But tennis betting can be a daunting task. It involves placing your bet on the predicted outcome of a game. 

There are a number of sites where you can bet on tennis. These are depicted in two different ways when we talk about the odds. One is betting on your favorite player, and the second one is betting on the underdog.

If you want to understand tennis betting explained, you need to know that there are a few types of betting that have become popular. These include money line bets, spread betting, prop bets, totals, futures, parlays, and live betting. 

One can bet on tennis in a number of ways so that no strategy can be foolproof. But it is still essential that you bet in a responsible manner when going for any of the betting strategies.

Advantages of Playing Tennis Betting in Singapore

a. You can Cover Your Losses

The best thing about tennis betting is that it can improve your excitement for placing the bet. There are times when players lose a match, so you may automatically lose the bet. But in a tennis bet, you are able to raise your stake higher so that you are able to avert the looming loss.

b. It is an All-year Game

The best thing about tennis is that you don’t have to wait for an entire season to place the bets. Unlike basketball, it is played all year round. So, tennis games never have an interruption. Therefore, you can go for the right tennis betting site and bet on your favorite player, and enjoy the excitement of the game.

c. It is Simple to Analyze

When you analyze a tennis match, you will find it to be relatively straightforward. Although it may take some time for you to make an effective prediction for tennis betting online, it is easy to analyze, even if you are new. As a bettor, you need to follow the form of the best players and keep yourself updated about the sport.

d. Great Money-Making Opportunities

There is no doubt that going for table tennis betting has proved to be one of the cheapest ways of making money for the players. If you want to speculate on the matches, you never need a lot of money to do that. It is worth mentioning that all the results can become mouth-watering for you if you are able to know your onions.

How to Play Tennis Betting?

Tennis Bet Types

Tennis is a popular sport that many enthusiasts like to watch. Most of the bettors look towards the tournaments so that they are able to get their hands on a share of the money by tennis betting

People are aware that they can bet on a particular match or a tournament, but there are several other opportunities for gambling for the players. Some of the famous types of betting include handicap betting, money line betting, match betting, over/under betting, score betting, and a lot more.

Tennis Bet Odds

Tennis betting odds are known to be something that comes with a vast range. The best sites come with the most competitive tennis odds throughout the year. You will notice that expert traders constantly monitor the odds of the top sites for the players to get competitive odds.

Whether it is Wimbledon, the US Open, or any other tournament, the top sites are always there to give you the best odds. It is up to you which format you view your odds to bet on tennis. It is worth mentioning that several markets tend to feature a cash-out option. 

So, when we combine this with the best odds online, this way, you will be able to make great bets.

Tennis Betting Tips

When you plan to bet on tennis, it is crucial that you give importance to the tennis betting tips by the experts. As you will try to bet on bet on the top site, you need to look at a few crucial aspects of gambling in tennis. You need to look at a site's payment methods and reputation before you bet on it.

It is a good idea for you to go for match betting on tennis so that you can cover the outcome. Other than that, betting against the crowd is also not a bad option when you support an underdog. Another great tip is to go for value betting, which may require some sports knowledge and tools.

How to Find the Best Online Tennis Betting Casino in Singapore?

- Positive Reviews

These days, it is possible to get reviews of a sportsbook, and it can give you a thorough analysis. As a bettor, you can discover everything from sports markets to betting odds and payment systems. Reviews are always worth reading because, this way, you will be able to know how tennis betting works in a sportsbook.

- Legality

It is never recommended that you go for a tennis betting site that isn't credited by a regulated authority. If you do this, it might be a scam, and you may have a significant loss. It is worth mentioning that not all sports betting sites in Singapore are legal. Therefore, you need to choose the one that is reliable and trustworthy.

- Customer Service

When we talk about the best tennis betting site, it will have the best customer service. Some gamblers may have issues with betting, so customer service resolves these issues to keep everything smooth. Getting to customer service through a phone call, email, and even a live chat is possible.

- Bonuses & Promos

When choosing a site to bet on tennis, it is vital for you to look for special offers. There is a welcome bonus; a reload bonus, a deposit bonus, a rebate bonus, and a VIP program offered by the sportsbooks. All of these offers are superb for your tennis in play betting.


Because of the vast number of tournaments being played in all parts of the world, tennis is one of the top sports. There is plenty of opportunity for players to enjoy online tennis and go for tennis betting

Although there are several ways to bet on tennis, online gambling has become the most popular one. Before placing your bet, you must take all the information to wager on tennis. This way, you will know how to gamble on different types of bets and win big.


1. How can I win tennis betting?

If you want to win tennis betting, you must always back the top ten. Other than that, you need to bet on the server in a live event, as you can have a high probability of winning. In the end, it doesn't matter which player has the best odds; you need to watch for injury, as such a player is likely to withdraw.

2. What does +1.5 mean in tennis?

When you go for +1.5 in betting tennis on a set handicap, it means that you will win the bet if your player wins one or two sets. +1.5 is quite a common type of bet in tennis, but it can also be seen in other sports as well. So, going for this type of bet is not a bad idea.

3. How does tennis betting work?

By placing a bet, you have the ability to bet on a tennis match. Live betting is the most common type, where you can bet for exact scores or prop bets. So, if you are wondering how does tennis betting work, you need to predict the score of the next set. 

You can also go for betting if there is a tie break, whereas live betting is another excellent way of getting engaged with the sport.

4. How do you bet on a tennis game?

Usually, tennis betting is divided into three popular ways. As a bettor, you either wager on the money line, set, or game spread and over/under. Playing for the money line is considered to be the most popular way and is another way of betting on a specific player to win the match.

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