Best Payment Gateway for White Label Casino 2024

Choosing the right payment gateway for white label casino is a crucial decision. When it comes to an online casino singapore providing payment methods to players, they must provide the best ones.
Every online gambler prefers a different payment channel. This is a significant reason why players would switch from one online casino to another because the previous casino didn’t provide their preferred payment channel.
So, let’s talk about the best payment methods you should have in your white label casino platform.
Payment Gateway

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The payment gateway for white label casino you choose also determines how secure your payment transactions would be. This list contains the best payment channels any online casino Singapore can integrate into its platform:


Paypal is a well-trusted global payment channel with over 224 million users. It is a crucial asset to any white label casino software as it offers secure and quick successful transactions. The platform accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. Moreover, the platform offers: 24/7 fraud monitoring dispute resolutions and many other valuable services to a white label casino app


The Stripe Payment gateway for white label casino includes all the payment options like Paypal but adds Apple Pay and Android Pay.Millions of different-sized businesses use Stripe to develop a user-friendly setup that simplifies the customer buying experience. With a deep feature set and robust developer tools, Stripe is a white label casino best payment for you.


Online gambling’s newest payment integrated method is cryptocurrency. Being able to deposit and withdraw winnings from an online casino singapore using cryptocurrency is what innumerable players prefer. This highly famous white label casino online payment channel will surely be appreciated by your audience.


HitPay Payment gateway for white label casino is an emerging payment option used as a multi-channel for an Online casino singapore. It accepts payment from PayNow, debit and credit cards, WeChat, and Alipay.Furthermore, it charges differently on different methods, offering flexibility to online casino game providers.


Hoolah is a native payment method with a motto of “buy now, pay later”. The White label casino provider payment channel charges no sign-up fee, admin fee, mark-ups, processing fee, or hidden charges. With its installment methods, an online casino Singapore can reduce friction during players’ deposit and withdrawal decisions. For your white label casino games, this payment option will significantly benefit the players and make it easier for the white label casino to retain and attract customers.


The best thing about WeChat Pay is that it supports almost 26 currencies. For casino game providers, that is a huge benefit. Players would also appreciate depositing and withdrawing w without exchanging currencies.WeChat Pay offers a convenient and efficient payment solution to online gamblers and any casino game provider. Moreover, the platform uses QR codes to automatically enter the amount and complete the payment process.


Omise is another famous payment gateway for white label casino that offers multi-currency options of up to 5 currencies. As a casino game software developer, choose which currencies your target audience prefers and integrate them into your online casino. Omise accepts JCB, Mastercard, PayNow, mobile payment, American Express, and Visa cards. Moreover, Omise offers affordable charges for online transactions than others.


Gamblers love the payment methods they are familiar with and have already used. Using the above-mentioned payment methods in your online casino singapore will allow you to meet all the players’ needs. These payment methods are widely used and recognized by almost every online player.