Latest Sabah Sarawak 4D Result 2021

Sabah Sarawak is a popular lotto games operator, and it provides numerous entertaining opportunities for players. 
4D lotto is very popular in online casino Singapore and Malaysia. These games are available online on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Sabah Sarawak 4D Result Today

If you are playing the lotto online, you must be searching for the lotto results simultaneously. When you are playing at Sabah Sarawak 4D, you have to search for Sabah Sarawak 4D Result. Here are the sabah sarawak sandakan 4d result today:

Sandakan 4D

Date: 28-11-2021Draw no: 100/21
1st prize0751
2nd prize1548
3rd prize9541
Special2097, 2662, 7012, 2866, 4534, 0964, 5086, 7416, 1049, 23677
Consolation9813, 8072, 6819, 4636, 7359, 5612, 5513, 7024, 4438 6015

Special CashSweep

Date: 28-11-2021Draw no: 4539/21
1st prize0662
2nd prize6689
3rd prize2806
Special905, 3745, 2729, 5098, 3626, 4985, 8430, 9934, 6600, 1724
Consolation0495, 2045, 0678, 5736, 9975, 9724, 7855, 2167, 3610, 9470

Sabah 88 4D

Date: 28-11-2021Draw no: 3446/21
1st prize7345
2nd prize7741
3rd prize5200
Special5678, 4186, 7245, 4820, 2622, 8874, 0685, 1344, 6696, 2053
Consolation8082, 5320, 3249, 7798, 9328, 0074, 2919, 1254, 1757, 9924

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Types of 4D Result in Sabah Sarawak

Sabah Sarawak 4D Result has three mains types including:

Sandakan 4D

Every lotto game is a game of chance. Once you place a bet, you look for the lotto results to find out whether you won or not. To play, you have to pick one or a few four-digit lotto numbers to bet against. There are twenty-three unique winning combinations. Sandakan 4D allows you to win up to RM 3500 from RM 1.

Special CashSweep 4D

Special CashSweep 4D offers two basic games, including 1 + 3D big/small and 3D Big. Choosing the right 4-digit lotto numbers can make you a lotto winner. Both games offer the best prizes for the top three winners. However, there are consolation prizes as well. In the 3D Big game, players have to select a 3-digit number before the lotto drawing.

Sabah 88 4D

Sabah 88 is another famous lottery operator of modern times. Sabah 88 offers four main lotteries: Sabah 3D, Sabah 4D, Sabah Lotto, and Sabah 4D Jackpot. Anyone who is 21 or above can access these games online and enjoy a premium quality experience. Once you place your bet, you can search for the sabah sarawak sandakan 4d result live.

How Sabah and Sarawak Lottery Games Are Becoming More Famous?

Sabah and Sarawak lottery games have become famous due to their legitimacy. These games are under special legislative supervision, so there are no breaches in the players’ accounts and credentials. Hence, you can trust the 4d live result sabah sarawak.
Players have become familiar with buying online tickets. However, these lottery games don’t have online vendors yet. Actual vendors are authorized to sell these tickets so that you won’t be scammed in the process. 
These platforms look forward to expanding their platforms and offering a greater range of games in the future.


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Magnum 4d result sabah sarawak is really easy to check using the internet, whether you have the winning numbers or not. If you are wondering how to win 4d first prize, you must understand the different kinds of bets in the game that you are playing. If you are a beginner and you want to test your luck at lotto draw today, go ahead and begin your journey. It is a great chance to invest less and win big. You may be surprised when you check sabah sarawak 4d result today.