Latest Singapore 4D Result 2021

Latest Singapore 4D Result

When you play lotto online on an Online casino singapore, you must also want to know the Singapore 4D Result. The singapore pools 4d result time is 6.30 p.m. which you will find displayed on their official website.


Singapore 4D Result Today

If you want to know how to check 4d result, check the singapore 4d result today we have mentioned below:

Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Draw No. 4785

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Starter Prizes











Consolation Prizes











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4D Singapore Pools Hot & Cold Numbers

To win in a singapore 4d draw result, you must know what hot and cold numbers are. Hot numbers in a singapore 4d online result are the ones that are drawn more frequently. For example, 10, 35, 15, 23, etc.

The cold numbers in a singapore pool 4d result live are the ones that are drawn less frequently. For example, 29, 13, 46, 49, 45, etc. Remember to check at what time 4d results come out to compare the results to the previous draws.

How To Play 4D Singapore Pools?

To explain how to win 4d first prize, you must understand how to play the game. Here are the simple steps to play the lotto games:
Select a four-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999.
The minimum you must pay is $1.
The singapore 4d result lotto draw takes place every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6.30 p.m.
The 4d gd lotto result contains 23 lotto winning numbers across five prize categories drawn at each draw.
If you have placed a bet on any of these 23 numbers, you will win a prize.

4D Bet Types

If you want to become a lotto winner, you must know the different bet types available during the Singapore 4D Result game. We have mentioned below the most important bet types:

Quick Pick

Quick Pick lotto numbers are where the player doesn’t pick a set of numbers for themselves.
Instead, the software or an agent picks a random set of numbers for them. This random set defines if you would appear in the lotto results today or not.

Big Bet

Big Bet means turning your small investment into a large, profitable one. When you place a big bet, and your number appears in any of the five prize categories of 4d lotto result, you win a huge money prize.

Small Bet

Small Bet is the opposite of Big Bet. In Small Bet, you win a prize only if your number appears in the top three prize categories.

Ordinary Entry

An Ordinary Entry bet type in lotto means you choose four digits in a particular order. You win a cash prize if your selected combination matches any of the winning numbers in the same order in lotto results.
The 4D number combinations are only one, and the minimum you can bet is $1.

4D Roll

In the 4D Roll bet type, you choose three digits of your choice and one rolling digit in a particular order. The rolling digit is represented by R.

This R represents any digit from 0 to 9. The 4D number combinations occurring are 10, and the minimum you can bet is $10. Winning a 4d result today singapore 2021 using 4D Roll awards hefty prizes.

System Entry, iBet

To win the 4d lotto result today, you can also make an iBet or System Entry. You select four digits and bet on all its potential combinations. For System Entry, each 4D combination has a minimum $1 cost.

Whereas iBet combinations cost a minimum of $1 in total. The prize money in the lotto drawing is divided by the number of combinations.
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