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Acewin8 also known as Aw8 is an online casino that was developed specifically for the Singapore market. However, recognizing that the countries surrounding Singapore are also crazy about online gambling, Aw8 did expand its centre of influence to also include countries in the greater South-East Asia. .

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Longevity in the field of business is something of great value. Any enterprise that manages to stay afloat in area field of business will certainly be doing something right. If not, then that enterprise will not stay afloat for quite a long time. Well, when it comes to the online gaming industry, there is one casino that has managed to stay afloat for several years despite the highly competitive nature of the industry. This casino goes by the name Bk8 online casino. 

Headquartered in Malta, Europe, players may be stunned to hear that its centre of influence is Singapore hence it’s an online casino Singapore for all players based in this particular country. Worry not though when outside the confines of Singapore as Bk8’s operating license has few other territories it allow apart from its main target market, Singapore. 

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Many casino players do visit land based casinos when they want to experience what they dub, the ‘real casino experience’. When visiting land based casinos, players state that they constant chatting and interactions they get to have with other gamers is simply precious. Even more impressive to them are the sounds of levers of slots and poker machines being pulled together with slot winning sounds once those coins starting oozing out. The failure of online casinos to replicate this is a reason why most still consider land based casinos to be the best. Well, while this is the case, there is one casino in Singapore which aims at changing that. This casino goes by the name God55.

God55 is an online casino with operations primarily in Singapore as well as the great South East Asia region. Though operating as an online casino, God55 aims at transforming online gaming as we know it today. God55 aims at offering a truly world class gaming atmosphere something akin to playing in land based casinos. To achieve this, the casino aims at offering high quality interactive and immersive games which draw players into the action and as such, they feel like they are a part of the action.

The casino aims at embracing the immersive nature of gaming not just on the games front but also other various aspects of the casino. To get to learn more about this, let’s continue reading the review.

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Top 4. Lae8 (Laebet) Online Casino Review Singapore

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Advertising is an art. The more time and precision the advertiser takes in crafting the perfect ad, the more traction the ad will have and in turn, the higher the traffic to the advertised product/service. In the online gaming industry, after the unconventional advertising practice employed by the Asia based online casino Lae8, it’s safe to say that Lae8 is not just a great online casino but also a great advertiser. What is it that we ascribed Lae8 online casino as a great advertiser many are probably wondering? Well, the thing is, Lae8 took the unheralded step of using one of Asia’s most popular XXX star Yua Mikami as its brand ambassador.

The decision to use Yua Mikami as a brand ambassador was indeed a masterstroke as it attracted the attention of most people. However, the mere fact that many people were attracted is not enough to conclude that the attracted folk should stick to the product/service they have been pulled towards. Rather, it is the brilliance of the product/service that should do the trick in retaining and satisfying the customers.

Owing to this, we decided to check out the Lae8 online casino looking at the products it has to offer as well as other features that are part and parcel of the casino. From our review, we concluded that Lae8 is definitely a great online casino to play at. The parameters that we looked at which necessitated us to reach this conclusion are all detailed below.

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Top 5. Maxim88 Review Singapore

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The online casino Maxim88 is very popular in Singapore. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s one of those casinos that online casino Singapore players know that they can find any casino game of their choice. Whether one’s interest lies in online slots, table and card games, instant win games, jackpot games or even sports betting and e-sports betting, Maxim88 has everyone covered. The sheer huge number of casino games available at this online casino thus makes it a great proposition for most Singaporean players.

What makes Maxim88 able to offer a wide variety of casino games is the mere fact that it has cordial working relations with multiplicities of software developers. Most of the well respected and renowned software developers in the gaming industry do supply casino games to Maxim88. This therefore explains the high number of games available in the casino lobby.

Well, there are many impressive things when it comes to Maxim88 Casino other than just wide variety of casino games as well as its cordial relations with a high number of renowned software developers. To get to learn about these, players simply need to continue reading this Maxim88 review.

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Top 6. Me88 Casino Review Singapore

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Me88 online casino is one of the most heralded casinos operating in Singapore. The casino has received rave reviews from a whole host of players who have played there. The common denominator amongst all of the reviews is that the casino is very user friendly. There are a wide variety of games offered making it accommodative to the needs of different types of players. Even more impressive is the fact that the casino is renowned for embracing new stuff hence its already offering bets for eSports – something which makes it a pioneer on the eSports betting front in Singapore.

Having heard and read all things positive about this online casino Singapore, we decided to check out the casino for ourselves. The intention of course being to assess and judge for ourselves if what is said about the casino is correct or not. We checked out the casino and here is our unbiased assessment and review of me88 online casino.

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Is It Even Legal TO Play Online Casino in Singapore?

star Well, yes and no. In Singapore, gambling in general was outlawed in 2014. However, in 2016, it became legal for local Singaporean operators such as Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf to obtain license and operate, besides the legal casinos in Genting in Marina Bay.

What Is Our Process For Reviewing Online Casino?

We at OnlineCasinoSingapore.Center, focus on every aspects of an online casino platform to provide you the most comprehensive guide and review. Here are some of the things we look at:

star Platform Security
Ranked highest is our commitment to your security. Because there are real money involved, we have to make sure each website we review have top notch security.We examine the type of encryption used , the layers of security, the security support team (are they on standby on weekends to?) and so on.

star Customer Service
Customer service or support is also important. Each website is different and there are bound to be questions asked by prospective players regarding depositing , withdrawals and many other questions. Are the Customer Service available 24/7? Are they helpful? Can they resolve a matter quickly? These are some of the questions we ask.

star Quality and Variety of Games
Are the games world-class and do they have good user experience? Do they have a huge library of games or are focused on a few games? We check out every games no matter live casino or slots.

star Deposit & Withdrawal Process
We look into the speed of depositing and withdrawals. Is the experience seamless? How long does it take to withdraw your funds? These are some answers we want to seek.


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