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Esports has spread around the globe like wildfire. One of the best Esports providers is IM Esports. IM Esports games offer a wide range of esports betting options for Asian gamblers.

Moreover, the game provider and online gambling site offer a foolproof security system and a 24/7 available customer service team. Over time, thousands of esports gamblers have become loyal customers of IM Esports.

Top 6 Most Trusted IM Esports Online Sportsbook Casinos in 2024

Hot Online Sportsbook Games in Singapore

Dota 2

One of the best IM Esports games is DOTA 2 which offers the highest esports tournament pool prize pool around the globe. DOTA 2 is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where players choose a hero from over 100 heroes.

Again, a gambler can use different bet types to bet on one or a full team, either on a particular match or a final winner of the tournament. DOTA 2 is a fun way to bet on your favorite esports while making money.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is another one of the many highly popular IM Esports games. IM Esports offers to bet on PUBG where you bet on a single player or a 4-player squad.

However, there are other bet types as well where a bettor can bet on the first kill or winner of the tournament.


LOL esports or league of legends esports is a famous warcraft game played by countless players worldwide.
The unique graphics and audio enable the players to enjoy gaming. Bookmakers or gamblers bet on the most skilled players of the tournament to win their bets.
Try the decimal odds esports lol strategy where you bet against a team’s odds and win according to your bet. In short, league of legends esports is a fantastic game with a thrill in every corner.

Different Bet Types On Esports betting

Tournament Winner

IM Esports games also feature outright bets, which you can make any time, even before the tournament starts. Selecting an outright winner defines a player or team who would win the tournament.

Match Winner

This bet type is simple, where you bet on the winner of the particular game or round. Research to find which bet would give you the greatest odds and better profits to make more money.

First Kill/First Blood

One esports Singapore major 2021 bet type is first kill/first blood. Here, you bet on a player who scores the first kill or sheds first blood in a particular match. Search for the best esports players to bet on and make a profit.

Popular Features of IM Esports

Quick Winnings

Esports in Singapore offers quick money to win to players. If you have excellent skills and know how to play esports Singapore, you can earn cash in no time.
All you have to do is join one of the esports teams, fund your esports account, and start playing. By using the right strategies, you can win a huge lump of money on a single bet.

Convenient Gameplay

Betting online is entertaining, especially when you play esports on IM Esports. IM Esports games software provider is user-friendly and is compatible with smart devices. Since you play and bet online, the gameplay experience is better.

Quick Sign Up

For esports betting, you must first sign up with a Singapore esports team like IM Esports.

IM Esports has a speedy sign-up process where you fill in the form with all the necessary information to start betting on Singapore esports.

Best E-Sports Betting App - IM Esports Mobile App

Why play esports online casino Singapore games on desktops or laptops when you can tune into esports gaming with IM Esports mobile application? Being able to play using your mobile device provides more convenience and ease.

IM Esports games are all about comfort and fun. Bet on Dota, League of Legends, or other top esports games with IM Esports mobile application.

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