Best Beginners Guide for Football Betting Singapore

There has been a remarkable increase in the popularity of online betting, and millions of Singaporeans visit sports betting sites each day. It is worth mentioning that football betting is illegal, but the Singapore Pools offer football and horse racing.
There are many football betting sites, and as a player, you can take full advantage of these sites. These sites provide excellent services, special features, and deposit methods for punters.
When we talk about the top sports, football rules the world. Singapore football betting is a big hit for the players who love this sport. The English Premier League & La Liga are at the top of the index with a large following.
Popular betting includes bets on specific players to score or the ones to be booked. Many bettors bet on the outcome of the game and take advantage of it.

Top 5 Online Football Betting Software Providers in Singapore

1xBet is one of the largest football bookmakers in online sports betting and online casinos in Singapore, attracting players from all walks of gambling. Football betting at 1xBet operates legally under a license from the government of Curacao, offering range football, volleyball, handball, golf, basketball, and other sports branches. 
Users can be professional football betting, allowing them to deposit and withdraw funds to their sports betting accounts using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other payment methods like credit cards, e-wallets, and local transfers. The 1xBet football bookmaker in Singapore can easily access through a mobile application designed to meet the needs of bettors looking for an enhanced betting and gaming experience. 
Users of the 1xBet football bookmaker can access numerous online football betting opportunities using the Dafabet Mobile Sportsbook App, which is exclusively available for APK Android and APK iOS devices.
Singapore Pools is a sports betting bookmark that operates legally as a full-time member responsible to the government of Singapore. The football betting bookmark offers numerous football sports betting events across various tournaments. 
Besides football betting, Singapore Pools also provides bet options for other sports, golf, basketball, etc. Users have the opportunity to experience great betting possibilities, enabling them to make betting payments and access customer support available around the clock. 
Singapore Pools' football betting bookmark is renowned for its technological accessibility to users through Android and iOS mobile devices, offering numerous pre-match and in-game sports betting events such as football, volleyball, handball, basketball, motor racing, and many more. Singapore Pools' bookmark also provides alternatives for users to access various payment options, sports betting markets, impressive odds, and customer support teams, all of which can be accessed using the Singapore Pools online sportsbook mobile application. 
Moreover, Singapore Pools' bookmark has a well-designed mobile version that closely resembles the web version anything can on the web and mobile applications.
K9Win online sportsbook emerges to meet the growing demand for sports betting in the sports betting market, particularly in football and online casinos in Asia and Singapore. Providing comprehensive facilities with a variety of online sports betting options, K9Win is available to users in Singapore for football sports betting, offering numerous incredible sports betting opportunities such as placing bets on a wide range of football sports betting events, seizing opportunities, and covering a wide range of sports betting markets. 
Supported by various payment methods and promotional bonuses, the K9Win online sportsbook has an outstanding and well-designed mobile application to meet the urgent demands of bettors seeking a better online sports betting and gambling experience. Bettors using this sportsbook are the numerous online sports betting opportunities that can be easily accessed on your mobile device, whether using an Apple iOS or Android mobile device.
Bookmarks Football Jack988 is a force for sports betting users across various branches related to online sports betting and gambling in Asia. As a leading licensed sports betting service provider, the online sportsbook offers sports betting events worldwide, such as football, hockey, rugby, basketball, volleyball, etc. 
Jack988 online sportsbook boasts a customer support team that promptly responds to user inquiries and calls from those facing difficulties using the Jack988 online sportsbook platform.
Pinnacle Online in Singapore offers sports betting across a wide range of branches spanning multiple countries, providing valuable experiences for its users through the Pinnacle Sportsbook. Users can access extensive sports betting options for pre-match and live betting in football, handball, volleyball, basketball, etc. 
Operating legally with a license from the government of Curacao, the Pinnacle football bookmaker offers significant winning opportunities for its players through betting options that suit each player's abilities. 
Pinnacle's online sportsbook does not have a traditional downloadable mobile application; instead, it offers a well-designed mobile website application and a lite version. Bettors can fund their accounts, access impressive odds, and place bets hassle-free. The mobile website application is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Top 3 Online Football Betting Sites in Singapore

1. BK8

BK8 Singapore is an online casino platform, including football sports betting, which provides opening odds for players. The odds can increase or decrease during preparation until matchday or event day for each user. Football betting involves predicting higher odds to better chances of winning and higher profits. The BK8 online casino in Singapore has various types of football betting. 
There are single bets to select odds on a single match. If the selection ends in a win, the outcome is the odds multiplied by the bet made on that single selection. Another type is multiple bets on combinations of two or more matches/events. Winning multiple bets relies on the accuracy of each match prediction, and if one selection is incorrect, the entire bet is lost. The next type is outlet betting, which involves placing bets before the match starts. BK8 online casino Singapore offers football betting options such as Maxbet Saba-Sports, CMD368 C-Sports, and BK8-Sports. 
Betting at BK8 also relies on match/event abandonment betting, which occurs when a match/event is not completed or ever started or the match does not reach regulation time. In such situations, BK8 players must wait and await further instructions. BK8 Singapore allocates a specific period for decision-making on inconclusive football matches. After this period elapses, BK8 will announce its decision based on the final decision of the match/event organizers.

2. AW8

AW8 is one of the renowned online casino platforms in Singapore, offering various top-notch facilities, including comprehensive online casino games and highly favored football betting among its players. Football betting provides live score calculations to give you instant updates on scores, goals, and crucial goals awaited on football betting among the casino games that are easy for beginner players. 
Therefore, through AW8's live scores, users experience real-time updates conveniently. AW8's Live Scores provides comprehensive coverage of popular football betting, offering you the latest information. For avid football sports enthusiasts, AW8 is the perfect betting choice, utilizing live scores to ensure you never miss a point during the game. 
AW8's live scores include extensive predictions, allowing you to understand the ins and outs of every football match. This why AW8, a live score football mainstay for football betting players, brings the excitement of sports to your screen.

3. ME88

Football betting is one of the most popular sports bets at ME88 online casino in Singapore, offering a wide range of options for league tournaments and major tournaments. ME88 Singapore engages in football betting competitions led by men's and women's football teams, covering all major leagues and international tournaments. 
Discover the types of bets available at ME88 Singapore on the sports betting page, displaying all live football betting markets exploring matches in various leagues such as the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, and more. Win football bets at ME88 Singapore, with results depending on your strategic lineup, such as choosing single football bets, mix parlays, or live bets. Such views have significant opportunities to combine smaller bets with lower odds to generate maximum profit payouts. 
ME88 provides betting options for players to place live bets on matches in all football leagues. Moreover, football betting access has advanced technology, developing betting games through Android and iOS mobile devices.

What is Football Betting?

Football has remained the most popular sport to bet on in online casino Singapore. It has around 40 percent of all the money that the bettors wager on. There are thousands of football contests taking place in all parts of the world and more markets with different odds in football betting

Every bookmaker offers other odds, and the prices are based on the outcome of the matches played. The top bookmakers have exceptional competitive odds and offer like the Singapore pools football betting

The player is playing for the original stake once the outcome of the bet is confirmed. It is worth mentioning that football betting is of different types. A gambler can combine different selections to make one considerable odds price.

Advantages of Playing Football Betting in Singapore

When you think about where you can go for football betting in Singapore, it is always better to check online. The following are some of the main advantages that can be enjoyed when you are going to bet on football.

Better Odds

If you are placing your wager in football betting online, you will have a much better odd rate. It is always a good idea to look at the different odds that each side offers before you decide on placing the wagers. There are some of the top sides in Singapore where the odds are the highest. So, there you can put your bet and win a reasonable amount.

Good Variety

One of the significant benefits of football live betting is that you will have plenty of variety. There are broader and more extensive options online when we talk about football. So, it means that you will have a more significant possibility of finding suitable matches and competitions to place the bets.


Convenience is a significant benefit when it comes to online gambling, but sports gambling is straightforward. As a player, you can go online without any issues, open up the application and place your wager in a few minutes.
There are better Singapore pools football betting odds, which will help you pick and choose the bets you want. So, everything can be done without leaving your home.

Bonuses & Promotions

If you are working with the sports betting side and making football betting predictions, you will have great opportunities for bonuses and promotions. The deposit bonus is one of the most popular ones, as a player can get a chance for a free bet. So, bonuses & promotions offer risk free-free betting for Singaporean punters.

How to Play Football Betting?

As online betting is on the rise, so, several game providers are trying to meet the demand of the industry. Some of the most popular providers offer a good variety of football betting. It is crucial for the players to know how to bet on football so that they are able to have better results and a good experience.

Football Bet Types

As a seasoned football bettor, you have the option of placing your bets through different sites. Each betting site has its own specialty. Different types of football betting include lay betting, fixed odds betting, in-play betting, accumulator betting, and handicap betting football.
It is worth mentioning that the types of football bets that you will wager on depend on the combination of your instinct, scientific data, and knowledge.

Football Bet Odds

The odds in football betting represent the likelihood of the outcome of the game. So, when placing a bet, the player has to calculate the probability that it is likely to take place. It is always good for a player to place bets with odds having a good value. It is always better to take valuable tips for football betting before you wager on the team that you support.

Football Betting Tips

When you are betting on soccer, there are a number of things that need to consider. As a bettor, you have to consider the league table and the statistics.
Although it is never difficult to look at the basic stats and think which team will win, sometimes an underdog is able to win the match. It can even go down to specific game plans, league competitiveness, and other things.
As a player, it is better to look at the football betting tips before starting off. Each team has its own characteristic and understanding that you can benefit from.
Not only team, but there are player-specific tips that you have to keep in mind. It includes the player's performance and their ability to compete against other players.

How to Find the Best Online Football Betting Casino in Singapore?


When a gambling site offers additional features to the players for football betting, it can be an excellent experience for them. When we look at the leading sportsbooks, they have some of the best features like bet builders, live streaming, and cash out. With the advancement of technology, these sites keep adding new features on a regular basis.


When you look for the best site to bet on football, you have to choose the one that has betting football betting odds. These odds determine how much a player can make when the wager becomes successful. It is essential that, as a player, you find value and go for a site that has much better odds so that you can have the best gambling experiences.


It is never recommended for you to sign up at a sportsbook that only offers a welcome bonus. Promotions can indeed be helpful for you as a bettor so that you are able to reach your betting goals.
Insurance offers, price boosts, and free bets are some of the available promotions. When you go for football betting Singapore pools, it is always better to check out the terms & conditions before wagering.

Payment Methods

It is worth mentioning that not all bookmakers accept payments in Singapore Dollars. It is always good to look for a football betting site that offers secure payment methods. These sites should be able to process the payments without any charges quickly.


There is no doubt that the gambling environment in Singapore is very welcoming for players to place online bets. There are a good number of trustworthy football betting sites that offer a simple process of account opening, depositing funds, and placing bets.
With the help of the betting tips football, it is possible for you to gamble responsibly and maximize your winnings. Therefore, you will have a lot of fun by minimizing your losses on the online betting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win football betting?

If you are wondering how to win football betting, there are a few ways that can be helpful for you. The most important thing for you is not to miss a match day and be consistent in your approach. Other than that, it would help if you never were tempted to chase the losses and try to be as disciplined as possible.

What does 1x2 mean in betting?

1x2 is very popular in football betting, and in this type of betting, there is a possibility of a draw. Here 1 means a home win, x indicates the draw, and 2 represents the away win. This type of betting doesn’t seek to even out the differences in the quality between the players and the teams.

How does football betting work?

When it is to online football betting, the odds vary for each game. You need to bet on the team and the amount that you wish to wager. Usually, the payout is figured at the odds of 10/11. It means that if you are wagering $11, you will be able to get $21 in return.

How do you bet on a football game?

The straight bet is the most basic way of football betting. When you go for this type of bet, it must cover the point spread. So, the favored team must win by a number of points, or the underdog will be getting it.
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