A Beginner's Guide to Mahjong Online Singapore 2024

A Beginner's Guide to Mahjong Online Singapore

Mahjong is China's national indoor game. This is an ancient game that has been popular for pastimes. There may be a Chinese native who doesn't know how to play Mahjong.
It has been around for hundreds of years. It was invented around the time of the Qing Dynasty. Mahjong is equally popular in the world now.
It started spreading from south Asia to other continents of the world in the 1900s. Mahjong is now enjoyed by people from all over.
The Mahjong game has also evolved over the years. It has many variations now. Wherever it reached in the world, people amended it according to their taste.
These variations are not only limited to the original Mahjong game. The digital world has developed casino versions for gamblers and players. Now it is played online at an online casino Singapore.
Singapore arranges yearly Mahjong tournaments. Players from all over the world come and participate at online casino Singapore. If you want to know more about this game. Then you have come to the right place.
Let's take a deep insight into the rules, variations, and online availability of Mahjong. This information is compiled information for you in this article. Keep on reading.


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What is online mahjong?

Online Mahjong can be played solo (Mahjong Solitaire) or with a partner or opponent. The game includes a set of tiles (136 in number) arranged in a unique layout with the set of tiles faced upwards.

A tile can be moved from right to left or left to right without disturbing or moving other stacks of tiles. However, a tile can only be moved if exposed, i.e., it has no tile on top of it. Exposed pairs of identical tiles are removed from the layout one at a time.

For example, if the flower tiles or season tiles are in the same layout and group, they are considered identical. So, you will have to move the flower tiles one by one to gradually expose the season tiles beneath it and continue the gameplay.

The Mahjong game is played with 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. It is commonly played by not more than four or less than 2 players at a time. 

Furthermore, Online Mahjong has multiple symbols, including: Characters, Bamboos, Circles, Dragons , Winds, Seasons, Flowers.

The game begins with each player receiving 13 tiles. Players draw and discard the tiles to create a set of 14 Mahjong tiles to win the game.

Tips to Win Big on the IB8 Online CasinoDifferent Variations of Online Mahjong

Mahjong has many regional and international versions like most table-based online casino games. For example, there is an American Mahjong variant with entirely different rules.
In this article, we will discuss only basic rules to understand the fundamentals of the Mahjong online game. These Mahjong rules are standard among most versions of Mahjong.
The game's basic concept is to arrange 14 tiles into four sets and one pair. Pairs are also known as "Pung." They are made up of 2 identical tiles.
Groups of 3 tiles, also known as "Chow," are 3 consecutive tiles of the same suit. For example, you need two Mahjong flower tiles or two identical Mahjong dragon tiles to make a Pung.
Chow is created by collecting three tiles of the same suit, i.e., Bamboo, Dots, or Characters. Mahjong requires 4 players to play the game.
Some versions can be played by 3 and 2 players. However, we will concentrate on the 4-player Mahjong play only. The tiles in Mahjong games online are 136 in total. These tiles include 36 characters, 36 bamboos, and 36 dots.
They make all three Mahjong suits together. Each suite is further assigned numbers from 1 to 9.
On top of that, there are 16 wind tiles and 12 Mahjong dragon tiles too in the game.
The Mahjong set will also have bonus tiles, including 4 Mahjong flower tiles and 4 season tiles. The bonus tiles are not required to play the basic game of Mahjong.

American Mahjong

Played with four players, American Online Mahjong uses racks to hold every player’s tiles, jokers, and Hands and Rules scorecards.
To win the game, a player or opponent must be the first one to pick and discard and match tiles to a specific hand will take the win. The game also has the Charleston feature that increases the fun of the game.

Chinese Mahjong

Conceptually similar to the card game called Rummy, Chinese Online Mahjong is widely played by Asians.
This variant was created as the official 255th sport to merge all the rules of the other chinese mahjong versions. As a result, now there is only one chinese version of the game.

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hong Kong Mahjong Online or Cantonese version is believed to be the most popular version of the mahjong. This popular version is similar to the American version, but it doesn’t include the jokers’ tiles or the Charleston, which are the best features.

Others Mahjong

There are a few different versions available to play Mahjong free games online. One of the more popular versions is a solitaire-based version of the game, which has you matching tiles like you would playing solitaire.
Another variation of Mahjong free is a slot-based version that uses slot machine style to play the game. Each spin will reload the screen with a new group of tiles. Different combinations will reward you with varying amounts of coins.
It's not always easy to find 4 people to enjoy a game of Mahjong with. That's why there are also online tournaments against other players played for real cash and prizes.
You can now join online casino tournaments and play against people from around the world.
No matter your style or level, there is a version of Mahjong for everyone to enjoy.

Understanding the Mahjong set of Tiles


Characters contain 36 number tiles in four identical sets of nine tiles. Each set includes characters for the numbers 1 to 9 engraved on the tiles. These tiles are also known as craks or wans.


Bamboo tiles are thirty-six in number containing four identical sets of nine tiles. The sets have 1 to 9 bamboo stems engraved on them. The ‘1’ tile typically contains a picture of a bird.


Also known as dots, Circle tiles are 36 in number with four identical sets of nine tiles. The set contains 1 to 9 circles engraved on them.


Dragon tiles are 12 in number in four identical sets of three tiles:
green dragons
red dragons
white dragon tiles
The white dragon is typically an empty frame.


Wind tiles are 16 in number with four identical sets of four tiles for all four wind directions (north, south, west, east). They are typically listed in this order: east, south, west, north.


The seasons’ tiles are bonus tiles in Mahjong Online. These may have Arabic numbers (1-4) engraved on them to represent summer, spring, autumn, and winter.
Sometimes, they also include the Chinese characters for all the seasons. However, like flowers, they don’t play a full part in the gameplay.


Flower tiles are also four in number and are bonus tiles. These may also contain Arabic numbers (1 to 4) engraved on them along with a flower (Plum blossom, Orchid, Traditional Bamboo, Chrysanthemum).

Each flower represents a season, but they don’t play a full part in the game. However, they add a bonus to the score and mahjong winning hands of the player.

Goals of playing online mahjong

The ultimate goal of the game Mahjong is to clear the layout or mahjong table of tiles displayed on your screen using the cursor. The area will clear when you match tiles with one of its pairs.

The ultimate goal of the game is to score mahjong, consisting of scoring 14 of the tiles into four sets and one pair. 

A pair contains two identical tiles, while a set can be called a pung or chow. A single tile can’t be added in two sets simultaneously.

How to play online mahjong?

To know how to play mahjong, you must know the singapore mahjong rules. The major mahjong rules are:

i. Chinese Mahjong rules

  • The chinese Mahjong Online consists of four players.
  • The mahjong table singapore contains 136 shuffled tiles facing downward and four square walls built with thirty-four tiles each. 
  • The gameplay starts when the turn order is determined. This is done by throwing the dice by the dealer, which then rotates anticlockwise. 
  • The dealer makes the players draw 13 tiles in a clockwise direction around the built wall. 
  • Each turn starts as a player draws a single tile or claims the previously discarded tile by the opponent
  • The turn ends when a player discards a tile from their hand. 
  • The other players can claim this discarded tile to complete chows, pungs, or kungs. 
  • If a player makes no claims, it’s the turn of the next player. 
  • A player scores a win if they have a winning hand of four sets and a pair. 
  • The round ends in a draw when all the walls are depleted, but no player wins.

ii. Three basic sets of tiles

The three basic singapore mahjong tiles contain chow, pung, and kong. The mahjong tiles singapore tiles explanation is as follows:

Basic Tiles 1: Pungs (Pongs)

A pung is a set of three identical tiles. A player can call pungs when another player discards a tile. However, you should have two of the similar tiles left.

Basic Tiles 2: Chows

A chow is a combo of three tiles in a suited sequence. An exposed chow is declared off the discard of the player sitting left to you.

Basic Tiles 3: Kongs

Kong is four of the same tiles. The same rules for claiming a discard apply. However, any player completing a kong quickly draws an extra tile before discarding.

iii. How to win?

Mahjong online with friends is a real treat if you have a circle that loves Mahjong play. The popularity of the game has made its way online as well.
Mahjong can now be enjoyed at online casino Singapore and other websites. Even Mahjong App is available to download and enjoy on smartphones. If you like similar games like a rummy cube, then you'll love Mahjong games online.

    • Always try and match tiles that will reveal the most hidden titles
    • Horizontal tiles are harder to remove
    • If you have three of the same tile, then compare the two that unveil the most tiles
    • If you get into a tough situation you can't solve, shuffle the tiles.
    • If a pair is available on the mahjong table, but it would not make you advance, then it should be put on hold. This helps evolve a better strategy later.
    • Keep an eye on the similar tiles stacked on top of each other. This should be a priority as they may make the puzzle unsolvable later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play the Chinese mahjong on your android phone?

Yes, you can! You can play chinese mahjong on your android device. You can play chinese Online Mahjong on your android device.
But for this, you will have to download the casino’s application or access the official casino website through your device’s browser.

Can I play mahjong for free?Can I play mahjong for free?

Yes, you can play free online mahjong games with a few online casinos, namely the BK8 platform. Here, you can try the free mahjong versions.
Through this, you can learn to play the game and its rules. When you learn new skills and master the game, you can play the real money versions to win cash prizes.

Which is the best online mahjong game provider?

The answer is a no-brainer: Gameplay Interactive. This is because Gameplay Interactive has the most immersive regional variations and different variations of Mahjong Online.
This game software provider provides high-quality graphics and audio while the theme keeps the players engaged. As a mahjong online lover, you should give Gameplay Interactive a try.

How do you play mahjong online?

The process of playing Mahjong Online is very simple and easy. For this, follow these steps:
Step 1: Find an online casino. The casino must be reliable and fair with a variety of mahjong singapore games.
Step 2: Get yourself registered as a member with your chosen casino platform.
Step 3: See if the platform offers free singapore mahjong. If so, play those first.
Step 4: When you are done with free versions, select your favorite Mahjong Online variation and start playing.
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